Darrell Scott Hartsook was born in Eston, Saskatchewan on December 20, 1981.  He grew up on the farm until his family moved to Calgary in 1993. Darrell only cares about music and has been that way since he was a young boy.  Playing drums since the age of 5, he has since become a multi-instrumentalist.

Anyone who knows Darrell knows how much he loves his friends and family and would do anything for them.

Darrell likes to build guitar pedals and stack amplifiers in his spare time.

Shauna Mae Luedtke was born in Calgary, Alberta on September 10, 1984.  She has lived in Calgary ever since and studied art and design after high school. She currently works as the art director for the online store Fairgoods. She also has a side business where she creates custom shoes. With her love for all things design, she puts a lot of time and energy into her work and is always trying to create new things.

She likes to hang out with her cat in her spare time and go antique shopping.


They met in 2001 at youth group in church.  Over the next year their friendship quickly developed into a strong love for each other.  Shauna was 16, Darrell was 19, and they've been inseparable ever since.

12 years later, Darrell finally proposed on June 15th, 2013 with fireworks (literally) and a pretty ring and they are getting married in August at their dream location.  

We hope you can be there to celebrate this huge day for us!  Our goal is for the day to be a beautiful, unique, peaceful, and fun experience for everyone there.